Isla Larga 


	Here is a little about the XE2K/XF2 and XE2WWW/XF2 trip to Isla Larga. This was trip
	that was necessary to make sure the island even counted before a full scale operation could
	take place. There are no qualifying island in the directory for this group. However google 
	earth suggested that there were islands that do count. So after discussing with Roger G3KMA
	Hecter XE2K, Jorge XE2WWW and myself Mike AB5EB decided to make a trip for this purpose. 
		The evening before our short operation we drove from XE2WWW qth in Reynosa Mexico to 
	the gulf. This is just under two hours from Jorge's house. By the way I should comment that
	Jorge was a superb host to both Hector and I and we both enjoyed our stay with him and his 
	family. After talking to a boat captain who went by the name "Manteca" (those who know spanish
	should find this funny) and taking a boat ride to look at the island we thought we would try
	for a short operation and to furhter scout out the island, so we were to meet Manteca between
	7am and 8am for the ride out. 
		The next morning we were meet by Manteca's trusty side kick Jose who took us to the island.
	He initially tried to take us to the wrong island and almost ran over a wood pole sticking about 10 
	feet out of the water at 30 mph. Needless to say we were all a little worried about our captain.
	He said he had drank too much the night before, this didnt make us feel any better. 
		We were able to get the boat within about 150 feet of the beach and waded in with the equipment.
	We set the station up in about 30 mintues and Jorge started on CW on 40m for the W5's. Jorge is 
	new to IOTA but is very eager to become much more active in all things that include DX. All in all
	we found the site to be very conducive to a major operation later in the year. We have enough room 
	that we may even try some big low band antennas since this winter should be one of the best for the
	low bands.
		We made just under 450 contacts in about 4 hours of operations. For those that did not make it
	in the log I am sorry but stay tuned we will return soon. The expedition was not funded in anyway 
	by IREF. Below are a few pictures from the trip. QSL via N6AWD
	Mike AB5EB
Hector, myself and Jorge Landing on the island
Jorge running the 20m pileup Hector on 20m with beam in background. Hector takes his pileups serious
Our oasis in the sun. Jorge and I leaving the island